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During his time with our agency, Murali proved a fast, original thinker, leading our creative team on many campaigns for some of our top clients. In fact, I would venture to say Murali’s true calling is as a Creative Director, since he always looks at each project from a big picture perspective. I would recommend Murali to any agency looking for a complete, experienced creative professional.


Please call me if you have any questions.

Howard Chang, President

Bates, M.E.


I can perhaps best bring relevant meaning to this letter of recommendation by recounting a tale of which Murali can be permanently proud, and we can be permanently grateful: Work for our largest and most demanding client – The Dubai Shopping Festival – was in desperate need of renewed creative passion. I was unable to motivate the creative teams - they were jaded and cynical.


Unknown to me, Murali saw the problem, took his weary art director for a coffee and returned half an hour later. He had inspired his partner with enough enthusiasm to last the next six months, and together they produced an enormous volume of creatively sharp and incisive work. Usually late at night and almost always over the weekend. This made me and the client servicing team happy. But more importantly it made the client very happy.


This quiet determination to succeed and ability to take responsibility is fundamental to Murali’s makeup. Beyond that, he is a tremendously hard working, talented and perceptive writer. I believe he has the necessary inner strength, resolve and integrity to survive the tough task of integrating into a new world, and I wish him every success. I have no hesitation in offering my recommendation of Murali to prospective employers.

Mike Austin, Vice President, Regional Creative Director

Bates M.E.


Murali has a real passion for the business and a hunger to improve all the time. Constantly looking for new approaches or new ways to solve problems or make the mundane come alive. Some of his most exciting work has been for clients needing training or selling videos, which Murali has transformed into memorable and entertaining projects without losing sight of their practical use.


I have worked with Murali on BP, Viceroy and Lucky Strike cigarettes and Imperial leather soap. We have together gone through the rigours of satisfying the needs of internati0nal brands and the result has always been creative that Murali has brought to life as a television commercial and taken the concept through the line to point of purchase.


His enthusiasm and professionalism will be missed as he moves to new opportunities and challenges. Murali will be an asset to any organization as he can turn his hand to all facets of above and below the line communication. I personally wish him every success and would happily elaborate on this brief reference if ever requested to do so.

Russell Walker, Senior Vice President, Regional Director

Bates 141 International, London, U.K


Murali joined the Bates network as Associate Creative Director. He has been in the agency for two years and in this time has worked on all the key accounts, more so by popular demand. Murali joined the agency as a humble creative person and I have seen him only rise and rise with utmost passion for this work and an unparalleled “burn” to excel as a brilliant creative mind and a superb team player. His creative approach is backed by strong brand and consumer understanding which has enabled him to bring in fresh thinking into an otherwise challenging set of tobacco brands like Benson & Hedges, Viceroy and Lucky Strike. This has been voiced by the client as well.


Not restricting his consumer understanding to tobacco only, Murali has shown that marketing women’s products and young adult fashion products is also his forte. He has been responsible together with his team, to create very successful campaigns for Springfield and Triumph. His capabilities as an organizer and team player helped the agency successfully carry out the Dubai Shopping Festival 2001 and 2002 – a mega project and one if its kind for the Middle East, demonstrating his understanding for not only international brands but also important local ones.


Overall, Murali is a creative asset with a strong strategic mind and he will bring in outstanding results to any work environment he is placed in. I wish him luck in all his endeavours knowing fully well that his passion and burn will never die out.

Charulata Ravi Kumar, International Account Director